Knock on Wood

Group show
22 & 23 September 2016

opening hours: 6 – 10 pm
performance both days at 8 pm

Everybody welcome, entrance free

Knock On Wood is a two-day event open to public with artworks by Mikala Valeur (dk), Dimitris Ameladiotis (gr) and Kristian Tangvik (no). Artist-combination curated by Augusta Atla, artworks participating curated by the artists in question.

Knock On Wood is an exhibition about superstitions, symbols, materials, objects, mentalities, stereotypes, prejudices and gestures wishing luck or bad luck to oneself or at others. Numerous objects in wood like spirit dolls, demons, totems and old pieces of furniture.The ambiguous balance between empathy and pragmatism exhausted by images of memories and beliefs.

KNOCK ON WOOD is kindly supported by Knud Højgaard Foundation (dk)

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